County Competition Rules 2022/23

1. The competitions will be played on a knock out basis and shall conform to the laws of the sport.

2. Trial ends must be played and an extra end if the game is drawn.

3. The bowlers who play in the first game of a competition constitute the team. One and the same substitute may be used providing she has not been entered in the particular competition. In the mixed fours 2 substitutes can be used, one male, one female. The competition secretary should be notified of any substitution.

4. Format of games:

Singles 4 bowls each player 21 shots

Pairs 4 bowls each player 18 ends

Triples 3 bowls each player 18 ends

Two wood triples 2 bowls each player 18 ends

Fours 2 bowls each player 18 ends

5. Club stickers should be used up to the finals when stickers will be provided.

6. The onus is on the challenger (first named) to arrange the date of the competition. 3 dates to be offered to the opponents – at least one weekday and at least one weekend date (which must be before 2 pm) and a mix of daytime and evenings (no later than 6.30pm). These dates must be offered at least 14 days before the date of the first round and within 5 days of the closing date of all previous rounds. Dates offered must be confirmed within 24 hours. It is not permitted to offer any date which has an arranged County event or any date where a National competition has been planned. A holiday or club competition does not give a reason for non-acceptance. If the challenger does not conform to the required time period the opponent becomes the challenger and the game will be played at her club.

7. If you can not make a mutual agreement by the closing date both teams will be disqualified.

8. Results of the game must be emailed – or telephoned – 07793 744520 to the competition secretary within 24 hours of the game. The score cards do not have to be sent but should be kept in case of a dispute.

9. 30 minutes will be allowed for late arrival. An appeal to the competition secretary will be heard in extenuating circumstances.

10. All rounds including finals will be a maximum of 4 hours excluding trial ends.

11. As soon as it is mathematically impossible to win the game will be conceded.

12. Mobile phones must be turned off during matches.

13. The finals will be played at Banister Park Bowling Club on 1st and 2nd April 2023. If a competitor cannot play on these dates they should not enter the competition.

14. All rounds will be played in greys up to and including the semi-finals. Finals will be played in whites.

Sue Milton – 07793 744520 Competition Secretary

September 2022