Hampshire County Women’s Indoor Bowling Association

County Friendly v Somerset

Date Tuesday 19th October 2021

Venue: Banister Park Time: 2pm

Match and Meal: £12.50 Menu: Chicken Supreme, Roulade

Dress: Whites, County Shirts / White Shirt with County Waistcoat

Shirts are available to purchase on the day for £15.00

LEAD - Pru Pointer (CP) LEAD - Jacquie Bowls (CP)

TWO – Wendy Taylor (LV TWO – Ann Jessup (B)

THREE - Coleen Money (P) THREE - Karen O’Dea (LV)

SKIP - Linda Hayward (LM) SKIP – Rose Benyon (P)

LEAD - Cindy McLaughlin (LM) LEAD - Yvonne Grant (LV)

TWO - Sue Lewis Parkes (B) TWO - Sheila Rehorn (B)

THREE Sue Milton (LM) THREE -Beryl Collier (CP)

SKIP - Margaret Leppard (CP) SKIP - Lesley Taylor (R)

LEAD - Sue Murray (CP) LEAD - Sharon Smith (B)

TWO - Val Smailes (LV) TWO - Lesley Johnson (CP)

THREE - Pauline Matthews (B) THREE - Sheila Stone (LV)

SKIP - Cynthia Hamilton (LM) SKIP - Marilyn Williamson (P)

LEAD - Pam Smith (B)

TWO - Maureen Whaites (LM)

THREE - Chris Brett (P)

SKIP – Marilyn Stubbington (B)


Lotty Kiawan

Jo Jones

Please contact Yvonne Grant if you are unable to attend: 01256 850198

email; yvonnegrant@btinternet.com