Winners 2022-23

Singles Winner Lorraine Slater

Runner Up Alice Lovett

Pairs Winners Jackie Watts and Kath Patrick

Runners Up Mo Browne and Maureen Hill

Triples Winners Maggie Evans, Joan Dawkins and Chris Doig

Runners Up Cindy McLaughlin, Cynthia Hamilton and Sue Milton

Fours Winners Karen Parnett, Lotty Kirwan, Pam Smith and Lorraine Slater

Runners Up Mo Browne, Rosemary Jasper, Maureen Hill and Kay Stockley

Mixed Fours Winners Yvonne Grant, Sheila Stone, Geoff White and Steve Shaw

Runners Up Kate Fyfield, Janet Williamson, Leo May and Mark Fyfield

Two Wood Triples Winners Tracy Farrington, Mo Browne and Rose Beynon

Runners Up Jacquie Bowles, Beryl Collier and Margaret Leppard

Riversmeet Winners Palmerston